Sewing Infinity Scarves

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     Let me just start this post by saying – I am not good at sewing! I barely know how to use a sewing machine (if anything goes slightly wrong with it I’m screwed) and I don’t actually know how to sew by hand. Still, making scarves is something I like to do because it’s pretty straightforward.

photo-sewing-scarves-5     Back when I got my sewing machine, I also stocked up on fabrics so I could make things. I made one scarf for my sister for Christmas (2015) and followed this up by not using my sewing machine for about 10 months.

     Not so good for learning!

     Well, before Christmas when I was taking stock of my craft supplies, I stumbled across my fabric and was determined to make use of it so out came the sewing machine!

     I like making long infinity scarves…

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Dusty Pink

Beauty By Aisha


Hey guys! Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas, filled with family and food! I had a lovely day with my parents and boyfriend, and they truly spoiled me, I am a very lucky girl! I put together this outfit for Christmas day, it feels very pink and princessy aha. The whole outfit is basically from Missguided, minus the bag. I hope you like it, and I’ve linked everything down below if you’d like to have a look for yourself!

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Quick Tip – Cleaning Vintage Needlework


I’m awed by the patience and skill it takes to create a doily. It has quickly become a lost art in most of the world. Twenty years ago, give or take a bit, when I was more ambitious, I crocheted two easy doilies. They took a lot of time, and if I remember correctly, several times I had to unravel a mistake and try again. I’ve walked by doilies at yard sales and thrift stores with hardly a glance in recent years. Doilies have fallen out of fashion in today’s decorating. I think I am going to reconsider that decision and start to buy some of the exquisite work now and then. Just like old postcards I like to hold them in my hands and imagine the life of the needlework artist.

This doily of mine recently became soiled. The stain lifted right out when I soaked it in warm water with a…

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The Blue Sky tag

A Song Of My Life


Thank you sheetal for this nomination!

and im really sorry for the delay.. have been busy lately..

Rules are: –

  • Give 11 questions
  • Tag 11 people
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you

Answers to her questions

  • Name one trait in you that you want to give up and why?

hate hurting people sometimes happens unintentionally

  • What is your wildest fantasy?

want to be superman XD

  • Which place according to you will satisfy your craving for adventure?

visit ice land ( where they are filming got season 7)

  • What is your fashion statement?

be yourself

  • If you are stranded on an island with a stranger how would you introduce yourself without saying your name?

hey… need any help?

  • What is your signature statement/dialogue?

never give up with anything

  • One thing you fear the most.

seeing my friend hurt

  • How will you combat your weaknesses?

for everything i have faced i…

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The most beautiful people

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Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Wearing a Straw Hat during Daytime at Flower Field

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.

These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
( Credit; words of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

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Outfits That Will Make You Look Cooler by Leonce Aspelin

Looking cool is difficult. You need to arrange your outfits in a way that compliments you.

So what precisely does it take to make an outfit that makes individuals stop people in their tracks and look upon your cool look? There’s this one form blogger you can gaze upward to get propelled.

Today we’ve curated 5 outfits from this form blogger’s Instagram page for you. Outfits are basic, simple to assemble and beyond any doubt shot approach to look way cooler.

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leonce aspelin – Types of Dressing style

Things to do and things not to do might be a bona fide address in your life. You won’t not have know how esteemed you are the time when you do certain things and you won’t not know how dreadful you look when both of you or three things. Dressing is a mind boggling method for respect. You view others and also you get respected as well. Your sureness is simply the way you dress also.

Here are a few sorts of Dressing style:-

1.) Wear what you want to –

2.) Invest in good pair of shoe

3.) Wear 2 Accessory while going out


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